Some quick tips and tricks

Fence Pixels are ideal for schools, construction sites, commercial sales, garage sales, you name it. Create text from our text maker plus add your phone number or website URL. Anything to make your event or idea stand out.Make it easy for people to buy from you. Fence Pixels are also re-usable which is much better for the environment too.

Fence Pixels are versatile. Put your sign on both sides of the fence. Better still, use one sign to draw them in with a completely different sign on the other side to showcase products and services. Let your imagination flow.

Having a festival? Use Fence Pixels to promote vendors. Make it easy for people to find the vendor they’re looking for. Point the way with Fence Pixels.

Keep your artwork simple unless your fence is large, this will make it easy for people to view your creation. We have also created a unique viewer tool that lets you look at your creation from Zero to 1000′. Super cool and free to use.

For your next tournament, sell advertising to local retailers and use Fence Pixels to create your ads. Your advertisers will be blown away and you can always give them a chance to buy the pixels once the event is finished.

There is virtually no end to what you can do with Fence Pixels!