We have designed fence pixels to be easy to install from either side of the fence and the unique 3 point clips make installation a breeze. Once you start keep the pattern of one clip on left of diamond and the 2 clip side on the right side. This keeps the pattern correct plus makes the de-installation much easier. We recommend you work from left to right following the easy to understand “map”.

Fence Pixels are flat so no worries when you come to a pole. For this reason, we recommend you install on the proud side of fence to keep your message/graphic consistent and smooth.

Fence Pixels will clip into 2″, 2 1/4″ or 2 3/8″ pitch fences.

Removal is simple and Fence Pixels can be put up and brought down easily and quickly.

Since Fence Pixels are well Pixels they can be arranged in many patters for different Messages.

Example: “Welcome Back Campers” uses 924 pixels and could easily be rearranged to say “See you all next year” You are in control of the message.