Top FAQ’s

A: Fence Pixels are colored, diamond-shaped, plastic widgets that are designed to snap into the spaces in most chain link fences. They are a colorful, inexpensive and environmentally-friendly alternative to styrofoam and plastic cups.
A: Yes, they are very simple to install. They clip into the fence with slight pressure and will fit most fences. Just follow your fence pixel guide and clip them in the fence in the order shown and boom your image/sign will come to life.
A: Fence Pixels are available in 22 brilliant colours. New colours will be added based on demand.
A: Fence Pixels are made from Polypropylene with color and UV additives and will last for years. If your pixels fade just return to us and we will replace and recycle them.
A: Fence Pixels clip in securely into the fence using a 3 point system and are made to be installed and re-installed again and again.
A: Yes, the larger the file, the higher resolution and the better the results. You can always try a smaller file such as 4 k or 8 k and it might give a good start, but larger ,higher res files will definitely give you better results.
A: All standard file formats work SVG, PNG,JPG, GIF.
A: When you upload an image onto fence, the graphic appears in size it was saved. You can adjust the position of the image by right clicking and moving it where you want. Then you can click on right bottom corner and pull down on 45 degree angle down and right. As you pull the image will double, then triple etc. Once you let go it will go back to same image only larger. Now press “Set to Fence” and image will be rendered into a Fence Design. Proceed to check out if you are happy or go back and try again until you have it just right.
A: No, it is a great assist in terms of getting you 95% there, but you need to thoroughly check your fence pixel image to make sure it is exactly what you want. Also depending on your graphic the tool may render unwanted colours into your graphic due to shading etc. If this happens you can easily delete unwanted colours by using the editing options such as delete or just correct the colour by setting the free hand colour to the correct one and just repaint the pixels.
A: Fence Pixels carry a lifetime warranty.
A: No, shipping is based on your individual location.
A: Yes, we can rush ship Fence Pixels but extra charges would be applied to order.
A: Orders are processed on same day if completed before noon. Goods will ship via Parcel Post which normally takes between 7-10 working days.
A: Demand will control what colors are added to the palette.
A: One package contains 50 fence pixels.
A: $5.00 per package or $ 0.20 each.
A: Yes, if you commit to emailing us a few pictures of your “fence Pixel” creation for our samples, we will take 10% off the order. There are different seasonal discounts offered based on date and time.
A: All Nonprofit organizations are entitled to 20% discount and will be processed as a rebate after the sale. All nonprofits must apply by email and once status is confirmed you can continue to order at a discount using your discount code.